You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - the insurance medical policy;
  • - patient card;
  • - the passport of one of parents.
Select a medical institution in which you plan to consult a neurologist. The child could be taken to the children's clinic at the place of residence (permanent residence) or in a private clinic by the parents ' choice. For both cases you will need to have a patient card. Sometimes in outpatient clinics requires the direction of the therapist. To visit a neurologist in a private clinic may also need the passport of the parent who brought the child to execute the contract on the provision of medical services.
Select the recording method to a neurologist. Today, you can use one of the traditional ways to an appointment to this doctor. The most common way is to go to the clinic, take the log of self-recording and enter the required data (name and surname, year of birth, address, medical record).

To not have to walk a few times (which mainly relates to district clinics), you can call the Registrar's office and see what day, what time to report for appointment to the neurologist. Sometimes a simple call with a request for records. It only needs to know the number of out-patient cards of the child and report it to the Registrar. Basically, a way to practice private clinics.
If you do not fit previous appointment, the appointment. This service is already quite common, and many children's clinics are special terminals where you can get appointment to any doctor and get a ticket with the date and time of admission.

In addition, you can easily find the official website of the medical institution with the "neurologist" and fill in the special form. The advantage of this method of recording is that you can choose a convenient for the doctor's visit date and time, and then wait for them to attack.