A trip to the country

Perfect for holiday – camping. Pickled own hands skewer, cooked on charcoal, the company of close friends and fresh air – that promises a birthday in nature. But this holiday is suitable only for those who were born in the summer, but not during Siberian frosts. There are bright colors the benefits of outdoor recreation are strongly pale, and after some thought and does lose its appeal. Before giving drive until the kindle fireplace or oven until warm birthday over, and then it will be time to gather in the opposite way. No pleasant memories this holiday promises.

The restaurant

Birthday in the restaurant or cafe is the most common. The advantages of this method of celebration is obvious: clean before and after a holiday do not need to cut the salad and cook the roast, too, and the dishes after the crowd of guests to wash is not necessary. And the opportunity to prove themselves in a new outfit from a large number of guests will not leave indifferent the majority of women. In addition, in the restaurant, every guest can order a dish according to your taste, live music at home or in the country you definitely do not organize, and to celebrate in the restaurant at any time of the year.

But there is such a way of celebrating one big disadvantage – price. Not every person with average salary can afford such a holiday. And if you allow, then the whole year will remember the money spent and think that he could buy them.

Sauna Island"

In Novosibirsk there is a wonderful place where you can combine pleasant with useful – sauna "Island". Informal the situation here is not worse than in the country, and the menu and service can compete with many restaurants. Lovers of steam will be delighted with this pastime, but the rest has something to do: water slides, billiard, hockey table, TV, karaoke and more await you in these establishments. And the prices, unlike restaurants, it is quite budget. Call the number in Novosibirsk 2-998-999 or visit online for more information.

"Laser tag arena"

If you want a fabulous holiday, then go to "Portal-54" to "laser Tag arena". Only in Novosibirsk, it will open the way to a world where you can feel like the hero of the sci-Fi Thriller or a computer game. The game is similar to "Paint-ball", only no need to shoot the balls, and harmless infrared rays. Defeat the purpose is recorded by the computer. Here you can enjoy a variety of game scenarios for every taste. This is a great way to celebrate your birthday for those who prefer a quiet sit down with fork in hand.

Entertainment center "Apollo 24"

If the company was getting "mixed", where each prefers its own form of entertainment, you can also visit the entertainment center "Apollo 24" in Novosibirsk. Here is everything you need for recreation – bowling, Billiards, games games. At the Apollo-24" magnificent European cuisine and the bar is crowded with a variety of drinks. And here is the birthday give the gift of a bottle of champagne.