What affects the height of the Foundation?

For a wooden house height of Foundation is particularly important, the decay of the lower crown is the eternal problem of constructions made of logs or lumber. The distance between the ground floor and affect the insulating characteristics of the subfield and the durability of the ceiling that holds true for columnar, tape and pile Foundation.

High base or Foundation, towering over the earth and performing its functions, protects fine finishes from mechanical damage during snow removal and other yard work. The higher the concrete basement floor is above ground level, the less will be the heat loss in the lower part of the house. However, it should be remembered that the above-ground part should not be above the underground, otherwise the structure will not be sustainable. If you decided to build a separate plinth, from the point of view of strength one-piece ribbon Foundation wins compared to design "the Foundation-basement-wall."

The minimum height of the Foundation

In accordance with the requirement of the building codes the minimum height of the Foundation above ground shall be not less than 20 cm, but in practice this rule is used only when lying in the Foundation of the house of the monolithic plate. Reasonable is considered to be at least 35-40 cm, in most cases, that high rise strip foundations.

Slab foundations are most often erected on a soft or heaving soil, its height for two storey houses from timber, concrete or SIP panels may be about 20 cm For easy one-floor building enough strength reinforced slab height of 10 cm If you are building a three-story mansion of brick, the height of the basement shall not be less than 35-40 cm

In the construction of pile Foundation piles have below the depth of freezing, however, they are based on a solid Foundation. The level at which the basis is determined by geological investigations.

If erected strip Foundation, it is recommended to select a depth of 0.5 m under the level of freezing nepuchinistyh soil less than 2 m or larouchistas less than 1 m. When the depth of frost penetration nepuchinistyh soil is 2-3 m, and larouchistas — less than 1.5 m, tape laying the Foundation to a depth of 0.75 m. If larouchistas the ground freezes to 1.5-2.5 m, and heaving - more than 3 m, the Foundation of the building constructed at a depth of 100 cm.