Download the Viber app through the app store for your iPhone "AppStore". To do this you go to the store, then search, which is located in the bottom menu of the AppStore, enter the name of the program. First among the found programs will be needed Viber.
About the program name click the button "Free" and then "Install". The application weighs more than 35 MB, so do not download it through cellular 3g Internet even if you have it free. At the moment most mobile operators are unable to provide the client high speed mobile Internet, therefore, is easier and faster to download the application via your home Wi-Fi or free Internet in public areas.
If you can't get to the Internet from your phone, you will be able to download the app first on your computer, and then on the phone. For this you need a program for the computer called ITunes. You can download on the official website of Apple and then install. When you connect your phone to the computer, the program will open automatically and in the upper right corner you will see a Itunes Store button, click on it. Next you need to go to the tab of the AppStore, to see the top free apps, among which you will find and Viber that you can download to your computer.
After downloading, return to your library, click on the name of your phone in the upper right corner. Then click on "Sync" in the lower right corner, then on your phone will also appear the app Viber.
Run the program, click "Continue" in the welcome menu, and then select your country of residence and enter your phone number. As the program to communicate with other subscribers use their mobile phones, then you will not only have to enter your room, but also to allow the application to access the contacts in your phone. Click continue, and your smartphone will receive a message of this type: Your Viber code ****. To complete your registration enter the code in the application.
Next, allow the program to sync with your contacts. The application opens the list of contacts among them will be those who have already installed Viber, you can call, write a message. Here is a separate list of recent calls and messages from the program.