Dentist during pregnancy visit in the second or third trimester. This is the best time for dental treatment. Ideally, women planning a pregnancy, treat teeth before pregnancy. Then there's no need to fear about x-ray examination, are allowed to pick up painkillers and to overcome other difficulties. But many pregnancy is sudden or, as the doctors say, is unplanned. Some women refuse to visit the dentist, because I want to deal with dental treatment after the birth or fear of infection. What to do in this case?
The lack of a record of a dentist in exchange the map in any way will not affect the features of the hospitalization. In other words – you will not forbid to give birth in observation Department not hospitalitynet. If you withdraw from lab, only in this case to give birth you will be directed to the Department of observation or to the hospital, where giving birth is not woman. If you give up dental care after the doctor's visit, in help is written:"the mouth needs rehabilitation recommended treatment."
For refusing inspection of a dentist need to make an entry in the exchange map. Recording is done in the presence of a doctor and certified by him. That's all. The doctor usually does not insist, respecting your right to refuse medical care. A pregnant woman may refuse any additional tests, it is important to make a statement and confirm their refusal documented.
If you don't want to visit the dentist, as there are problems in the oral cavity, and you have no time to solve them now, do not worry. The doctor will not force you to be treated, but knowledge about oral health would be superfluous. Don't forget that in addition to dental caries and dental calculus often observed in pregnant bleeding gums and periodontal disease – a doctor's advice will allow you to properly care for the oral cavity. Perhaps some of the problematic teeth can cure without anesthesia and x-ray.
It is worth remembering that the carious teeth, especially pulp – a source of chronic infection in the body. Pregnancy is a state of stress, many of the processes worsen, the infection can get out of control. We can not exclude intrauterine infection of the fetus, as well as a septic complication after childbirth. This rarely happens, but it's better to treat teeth, especially free dental care today of high enough quality.