Determine what things you could do in the morning at the same time. Start the day with exercise or Jogging is useful not only from the point of view of health – so you set yourself a certain rhythm, which will allow you to alter any scheduled. Combine physical exercise with listening to the audio, communicating with friends (if you run along), etc.
Try to stick to work schedules. On the way to work to buy fresh fruits – you do not have to waste time going to the store to eat. All work (meetings, workshops, seminars) rank in order of importance – the most immediate move in the morning, the ongoing shift in the second half of the day. Do not deprive your body of food – make time in your busy schedule for a lunch break. Let it be only half an hour, but this time you will be distracted from Affairs and take a little rest. During the day, allow yourself a few 5 minute breaks during this time, you can eat, chat with colleagues, a little exercise.
The evening. If you are accustomed to go to bed early, dedicate the evening peaceful pursuits, which will not overexcite your nervous system. Those who use the evening more intensely, you should plan it on the hour – dinner, walk, exercise, read books, etc. Before bed will be helpful to make a plan of current Affairs the next day and to perform all managed to complete on thisday. Control disciplinarum and gives confidence in their actions, so always summarize – to speculate whether it was a good day, why something failed to make what the cause of the failure, etc. the next time you scroll a little more time on a task that could not "squeeze" in previous time frame. Do not overdo it – always keep a reserve for unforeseen situations (think 5-10 minutes more than standard time of the job).