Talk about how the daily routine affects our mental and physical condition. Main components, of course, is food, sleep, sex, sports. Don't reinvent the wheel and discuss everything in order.

Each of the components should be given special attention. For example, food. And to be happy, not necessarily have the chocolate tiles and drink sweet soda and jam pound pizza. Long been proven that proper and balanced diet brings a lot more positive emotions.

When the body starts to work like clockwork, breathing becomes easier. There is even the desire to devote more time to the sport. Movement is life. Sports help to produce the body's hormones of joy. Athletic and toned body makes you feel on top. Surrounding bestow compliments.

Slender body is even more attracted the attention of the second half, the personal life becomes even richer. We should not forget about proper sleep at least seven hours a day.

It is important to try to accustom yourself to lie down and sleep at the same set time. As the sleep is, perhaps, one of the main points of the correct order of the day. It reduces our anxiety, gives the brain to relax and reboot. Sleep affects metabolism, building proper metabolism in the body and hormone levels.

As you can see, all components the correct order of the day interconnected. In our power to make yourself better, smarter, slimmer through the observance of these simple rules. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. Even a few weeks of the experimental nature will have results. And further to abandon the proper way of life will be impossible. Since this routine will bring pleasure and harmony.