What age child can visit the nursery

In most regions of the Russian children begin to go to kindergarten only to achieve 2-3 years of age. However, some mothers can't afford not to work during the time of maternity leave. There are several ways out of this situation. You can leave the baby with grandma or a babysitter, but you can write it in the nursery.

Specialized kindergartens today is a rarity. Not all preschool there is even a nursery. In order to learn about the recording capabilities of the baby in one of these groups, you need to contact the head of school.
According to the law of the child can be given to the nursery from the age of 1.5. The main recruitment is in September. If the baby has not yet reached the 1.5 year old age, it can not take in the nursery.

There are several different forms of children's stay in preschool institutions. The nursery involves finding kids within its walls and on site throughout the working day. The management of the kindergarten provides them with good nutrition, sleep, walk. There are also groups of short stay. They are different from the normal nursery because the children are in kindergarten is only 2.5-3 hours a day. Thus most often, they are not fed Breakfast or lunch. Eat the kids at home.

Sometimes the leadership of the preschool changes in rules of recruitment of children in day care and short stay. For example, some kindergartens are allowed to bring children only 2 years.

The nursery is designed for babies till 3 years. If a place in the nursery was the child's attainment of the queue to kindergarten, but because at the time when the mom or dad in preschool it was free space, to achieve a baby 3 years the management of the kindergarten may terminate with his parents a contractual agreement.

Some experts believe that it is not necessary to give the child to nursery too early. Up to 2 years old baby is still very much in need of a mother.

Private nursery gardens

In private preschools also decided to take the kids from 1.5 years. In this guide, some of them makes an exception for those parents who wish to give the baby to the nursery yet. For example, some private institutions accept kids from 1 year.

In commercial gardens, as a rule, take into account all the wishes of the parents. They provide the perfect environment for toddlers during all or part of the day. Unfortunately, the stay of the child in one of such institutions is not cheap.