You will need
  • - vegetables;
  • - fruits;
  • - lean meat;
  • - seafood;
  • - marine fish;
  • - low-fat dairy products.
Among the products with a high content of cholesterol, the leader is the meat, which is a lot of natural fat. Reduce consumption of sausages, smoked meat, fatty meats and fat. However, one should not exclude meat products from the diet completely, as they contain unsaturated fats necessary for the body.
Despite the popularity of seafood also contain high amounts of cholesterol. Calamari and shrimp, mussels and marine fish improve the content of harmful substances in the blood. However, cook 2-3 times per week with seafood dishes. They are polyunsaturated fatty acids class omega-3, useful to humans. Just try to prepare meals in the oven or steamed.
Deciding what foods are high in cholesterol, do not forget about milk, sour cream, cheese and cream. If doctors are overstating the level of cholesterol in the patient, they recommend limiting the consumption of dairy products. It is not desirable to completely eliminate them from food. Use products with a reduced rate of fat.
Egg yolk is a product rich in cholesterol. So use in cooking eggs shown are not more often 1-2 times a week. However, it is possible to prepare only protein. Also contains cholesterol in the foods can be attributed to the semi-finished and finished dishes. It's a variety of sauces industrial production, among them mayonnaise, and butter substitutes such as margarine and spreads.
Foods with cholesterol is almost all pastry, which is impossible to cook without eggs, butter and milk. If you try to only eat foods without cholesterol, the diet would be monotonous that will undoubtedly have an impact on health. Therefore, together with foods containing cholesterol, use more ingredients, which contain fiber and pectin, outputting a harmful substance from the body.