Analogues of folic acid

Search for "Folic acid" should the Department of vitamins and supplements. Nondescript cardboard packing and low price, however, the importance of this vitamin is difficult to overestimate – the lack of folic acid can lead to various disorders in the fetus. The active component actually is folic acid.

If you are looking for a multivitamin which includes folic acid, on the package it can be labeled as vitamin B9, vitamin BC, vitamin M or vitamin B11.

Trade name counterparts

Today, many pharmaceutical companies produce medicines under their own names. This can cause confusion. You know, if you have appointed the following drugs, all analogues of "Folic acid" and if you want you can safely buy the very, nondescript cardboard box with a rounded dragees:

"Encephalic", "Polimin", "Citool", "Volicitin", "Kasel-factor", "Folgore", "Polisan", "Foresaw", "Voldin", "Propolin", "Polimin", "Folacin", "Folatsin, VOLVIC", "Volbel", "Policy", "Folacin", "Polianin", "Polycom", "Valinor", "Volicitin", "Valinor", "Polipak", "Polico-Tarika".

Manufacturers use recognizable part of the word, in this case "folio" and "foul" that a consumer could be folic acid. If the pharmacy is not, for example, "Polyamine", you can replace the "Faemina". All of this is folic acid.

The drug is "Folio" contains iodine and folic acid in a dosage sufficient for pregnant and lactating women. If you are uncomfortable to take several medications at different times, such a vitamins perfectly solve this problem.

Chemical name

The official title of folic acid sounds like pteroyl-glutamic acid, its formula is quite simple – С15Н15О8N5. It is pale yellow crystalline powder, which does not tolerate light. For this reason, tablets containing folic acid, packaged in opaque containers or have a protective sheath.

Natural analogues of folic acid

Folic acid contains spinach, parsley, legumes, egg yolk, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, liver, meat and eggs. That is, with a varied diet it enters the body in sufficient quantity. But this is only the case if you're eating fresh peas, tomatoes and herbs. During heat treatment from the initial amount of vitamin B9 is less than 10%.

Doctors recommend the use of a tablet form of folic acid, as the absorption of synthetic drug is much higher, and the risk of overdose is virtually no.