What is EGD?

EGD study, which was conducted to confirm or exclude diseases of the digestive tract. Reasons to conduct it quite a lot. If a patient is having pain in the stomach, heartburn, bloating after meals, nausea, vomiting, or acid regurgitation, this procedure will help determine anatomical changes in the digestive organs and their functioning.

EGD gives you the opportunity to learn more about the condition of the mucous membranes of the stomach, duodenum and esophagus, to detect even the smallest changes, which are well treated by modern methods. In addition, during this procedure, biopsies can be taken to conduct the study in the laboratory.

Endoscopic methods allow to eliminate varicose bleeding veins in the esophagus, and they can be used to remove benign growths, such as polyps. If the time to get rid of them, there may be complications such as suppuration, bleeding, or stomach cancer.

EGD by locally applied drugs, e.g. to stop bleeding in the presence of gastric ulcers. Also, this procedure allows to apply clips, or to make plugging.

Preparation for EGD

To prepare for this procedure quite simple. The main thing you need to consider – the last meal should be at least twelve hours before the test.

The survey is conducted on an empty stomach, so the day of the procedure for Breakfast is impossible. If the test is scheduled for two o'clock, you'll have to starve, but it is quite tolerable.

Special diet before the EGD does not matter. But dinner should be easy, for example, buckwheat with chicken breast.

Two days before examination you need to avoid spicy meals and alcohol. It is also not recommended to use nuts and chocolate, because in a sick stomach, they can linger for days, and sometimes longer.

To drink before EGD, but not less than 2 hours. For example, if the procedure is scheduled after 11:00, in the morning you can drink water or tea, with sugar. Any other beverages are prohibited.

As for Smoking, then ban it there. But the duration will increase as well, and discomfort.

Medications immediately before EGD can not be accepted. But, if you take regular medication, be sure to ask this question at the doctor.

EGD – the procedure is painless and safe, but the discomfort is still possible. So be ready for it. But not to worry, because the less you worry, the faster you will pass the examination.