Features of bite

Occlusion is the relationship of the dentition between them. To correct the bite is best in childhood and adolescence after a complete change of temporal teeth to permanent. If you take up the correction of teeth in this period, it is possible to fix it quickly and permanently. But, unfortunately, this problem usually begins to bother only in adulthood.

Usually used for correction of the bite: braces and removable plates. The main difference is that the brackets are fixed by design, and the plate removed before eating, before morning and evening toilet, and at night.

The structure of the plate

Orthodontic plate consists of a palatal plate with clips and sometimes a screw lock. Plastic part mounted to the sky and partly on the lingual surface of the gums. Staples construction is attached to the teeth. In some models there is a castle which with a certain frequency we need to improve, expanding the area of the plastic surface, which in turn gradually pushes and straightens the teeth. However, the large error of the bite with the plate to fix it will not work.

Pros and cons records

The LPS has several advantages over braces. First, they are easily removable, which greatly facilitates the care. Secondly, they are not as noticeable visually. Third, the fixture should be removed before brushing teeth, before eating, and at night, that significantly reduces the discomfort while wearing them. Fourth, you can be sure that this design is suitable for a child, because it is made on an individual impression with the jaws in a specialised workshop.

Of the downsides of orthodontic plates it is worth noting first of all the need of adult supervision. As to remove design is not difficult, parents should carefully watch that children wore it the allotted amount of time, otherwise the therapeutic effect will be. Another disadvantage is the inability to correct severe malocclusion, for this purpose only the fixed orthodontic system.

There is also the practice of wearing of the plates, and adults — to consolidate the effect after wearing braces. Since certain changes in the jaw bone continues even after the removal of braces, their effect must be recorded, so the orthodontist may recommend several hours a day to wear plate. After rehabilitation is complete (usually several months), the need to wear plate disappears.