Plates for teeth alignment designed to malocclusion correction and often set children up to 12 years. Unlike braces of the plate are movable orthodontic systems, so they can be removed while eating and performing hygiene procedures.

When you need to put plates on the teeth

Defect occlusion is usually detected in childhood and requires operational adjustments. If you do not correct bite, in future, a person may have problems with speech disorders in the gastrointestinal tract due to poor chewing of food. Besides, malocclusion is a cosmetic problem that can cause serious psychological discomfort.

Plate for teeth is capable to solve various orthodontic tasks, including:

- to interfere with the growth of the teeth in an undesirable direction;
- slow down or speed up the growth of the jaws;
- to influence the shape of the jaw bone;
- to keep the dentition in the position needed for the formation of the correct bite.

Removable plate for teeth are ideal for the treatment of young patients, who do not like to constantly feel in the mouth foreign objects, as is the case with fixed braces. Limits the use of plates their only drawback – the inability to move the teeth in the desired direction.

The process of installation of dental plates

At the initial stage is an x-ray of the teeth and to measure patient trial is made a plaster model. After fitting and necessary adjustments of the model, a dental technician in a lab making orthodontic system of plastic and wire. This system, the patient will wear throughout the treatment period. Plastic part must exactly match the size and shape of the gums and teeth, and the metal part to fix the correct position of the plate.

For kids creative draw plate: painted in bright unusual colors, decorated with drawings and glitter. Such orthodontic systems is very like little patients and they wear them with pleasure.

The installation of the plate occurs at the doctor's office and does not take much time. Further orthodontic moving system depending on doctor's appointments will need to wear at night or to wear during the day. Day it is recommended to remove the plate while eating and brushing teeth. Care records is simple – just wash them with warm water and cleaned with a toothbrush.