Knowing who horoscope the best friend, acquaintance or colleague, it is much easier not only to find this man a common language, but also to understand whether it is necessary to communicate, as some signs are incompatible. Each sign is unique and unrepeatable.
Aries is a fairly reliable people, ready to support in any situation. Also with them is never boring, they will always find something fun. The lack of friendship with Aries is that they are looking for friends who will to obey them. Otherwise, the friendship will not last long. To arieses is better to be friends with Aquarius, Gemini or Sagittarius.
Taurus is very responsive and loyal friend. He never fails to help and useful advice. Taurus will always help in material terms: money, things. Usually friendship with the representative of this sign can last for many years. The Bulls themselves are very dear friends and are doing everything possible to strengthen and maintain good relations. Representatives of this sign is best friends with Fish, Crabs, Capricorn.
Gemini is usually intermittent and rarely get attached to people. They are more interested in books, songs, travel. So a close friendship with them will not work. But if you have a companion Twin, you will not be bored: from time to time he will appear and amaze with their antics, and then disappear again. Gemini communication is more suitable: Aries, Libra, Aquarius.
Cancer is a friend who is always ready to help. They are generous and ready for your friend to much, but their services are never selfless. Representatives of this sign love to share their problems with friends, but on the contrary, the best moments shared with outsiders. Those who are friends with Cancers, you need to remember that they are very sincere, but at the same time quite closed. This sign is recommended to be friends with Lions, Virgins, Fish.
Leo - arrogant and selfish sign. He likes to surround himself with attention and be the center of all events. Each of this zodiac sign needs to be very patient and generous. Leo can easily forgive, but the hurt never forgets. Friends Lions present a number of requirements. The main qualities that they look for in people is the erudition and sense of humor. Good friendship happens with the Twins, Rams, Scorpions.
Virgin usually shows care and compassion to your friends. People born under this sign love to give advice. Friends like Virgo is always ready to help in household Affairs. Each of this constellation is very attentive to any detail and loves to point out the shortcomings of others. Virgos are comfortable being friends with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancers.
Libra is faithful and devoted friends. They always tell the truth help and advice. Libra appreciates the friendship, which can last for many years. The representatives of this zodiac sign is one of the few who is able to accept friends for who they are. Libra like Gemini, Leos, Aquarians.
Scorpio - not a friendly sign. A few friends of Scorpio should be sensitive to such a friendship. It is very reliable and loyal friend. However, if he learns about the betrayal, or treason, it can quickly turn into an enemy. Scorpio is best friends with Virgo, Capricorn and Aries.
Sagittarius – a friend with whom time is always fun and relaxed. It is reliable, cheerful and resourceful. Sagittarius always find a way out of any situation. It is possible not to be afraid, he will always come for help and support. He better make friends with Aries, Gemini, Lions.
Capricorn is a very private sign. He rarely trusts their feelings and share secrets. But he is always willing to help and and advice. Friendship with Capricorn can last until old age. They will help in difficult times. Friends they get better with Scorpions, Crabs, Fish.
Aquarius usually has a large number of friends. Although really he can only be friends with one or two from among their comrades. Aquarius is ready to help in difficult times. He's comfortable in society with Gemini, Sagittarius.
Fish – one of the most loyal and devoted signs of the Zodiac. They strive to create strong friendships for life. The representatives of this constellation I want to win the full confidence of his friend. Pisces is always in search of a close spiritual connection with a man. Such friends as they are very honest and sincere. They do not tolerate betrayal and can long remember resentment. Openness and honesty are the main qualities that the fish appreciate in the other person. Fish better with Cancers, Lions, Goats.
Representatives of different constellations have distinctive features in the nature and in everyday life. But this does not prevent entirely different people to create a long and strong friendship. If a person truly is easy and comfortable, the zodiac sign plays the key values.