Wobbler artificial bait made in the form of a small fish (bait fish). In the Arsenal of an experienced fisherman there are different types of lures, each designed for catching a certain fish. It is critical that this artificial bait was properly designed and assembled. It will provide a smooth ride, as close as possible to natural.
There are three types of lures: floating, diving and standing. The first designed for fishing on the surface of the water and are made usually from wood. Moving, they mimic the behavior of a wounded fish that attracts predators and larger animals. Feature-diving crankbaits in stock at a right angle of the nose, which causes the lure to dive to a depth of 0.5-2 m. the Third type of bait is still standing artificial fish, essential in the overgrown with slime and algae ponds.
For fishing with a spinning lure is used. Fishing success largely depends on the ability of the fisherman to properly define the geometry of casting: angle, height, horizontal, vertical. For floating type of lure important the speed and distance of throwing. You need to learn how to do it in a way that "fish" have touched bottom and a little "made" it. To stop the rotation of the reels spinning is impossible, it is necessary only to slow down. Wobbler, buried in the bottom, kick up a cloud of silt, and rising slowly, interested in the predator and provoke his attack.
Fishing Wobbler diving is fundamentally different from "work" with a spoon. Here, the speed of movement of the bait, so to turn the coil you need as quickly as possible. The point is that the predator has not managed to see that the bait is artificial and unnatural moves. In addition, you have an instinct of the hunter that causes the big fish to throw quickly after the fleeing prey.
However, if the water temperature is quite high, this technique will not bring success, as the inhabitants of the waters in this period too sluggish. In this case it helps out another method of catching: throwing quick and just as quick pulling of the crank, which is carried out using surge.
To catch pike there is a special technique that is suitable for this fish. During the spawning period it is perfectly caught on slow-moving lure. Active mining pike at this time ignores. In hot weather you need to use floating lures for fishing in the upper water layer. At bad bite better stick bait with bright color.