Free program Skype allows you not only to communicate by voice with callers who called in on Skype contacts but also to see the interlocutor, to transfer files of different size and display screen. To use it easy people, even at a very old age. The program is indispensable for communication between people located in different cities, in different countries and on different continents.

Conversations that can be maintained for hours without paying anything in excess of what is spent on the Internet has turned Skype into a means of communicating a large quantity of users. There are many of them who teaches, advises or develops your online business all over the world.

Why need to show the screen in Skype

Feature screen sharing, implemented in the program, an indispensable thing. Opening to show the interviewee your screen, you can get real help in solving problems or showing the work to the customer. No need to explain on fingers, what caused difficulties. You can even watch one of two videos.

By displaying the screen comfortably learn Photoshop or make sites. Fix bugs in the code, edit, design. It is impossible to list all the tasks that are solved using screen sharing in Skype.

Where to find Skype screen sharing

A demonstration feature only works in the talk mode. Moreover, during the call when the caller has not yet responded, click the screen sharing is not active.

When the call is answered, you can start the show.
Better if the video camera is disabled. This ensures that the stream chat is not the most intriguing moment.

Screen sharing can be enabled in two ways.

This is easiest to do using the + button, which is located near the tube, which indicates a button "hang up".

When you click on the + button will are expanded menu. It is necessary to find the row of the demonstration screen and click on it. To receive an announcement, which will ask you to confirm the start of the show.

The interlocutor in turn, should allow or not allow to show others the screen. Only then he will be able to see the computer screen of the caller.

Another way to enable screen sharing is to use the top line menu "Calls". In the opened submenu choose screen sharing and make the same actions that using the plus button.

Skype has made it a convenient and affordable remote work via the Internet for a huge number of people. It is possible not only to communicate with family and friends, but also to conduct serious business. Last but not least, thanks to the possibility to show the computer screen to the source.