Necessary for normal functioning of biologically active organic compounds – vitamins, the human body does not synthesize, he gets them along with the food. Vitamin deficiency – vitamin deficiency – can cause dysfunction of internal organs, and also affect the appearance and occur in brittle and dull looking hair, the nails, peeling of the skin. When all the necessary vitamins enter the body in sufficient quantities, the body is ready to resist the harmful effects of the environment and diseases.
Because even the most balanced menu is unable to provide the right amount of vitamins, their deficiency can be filled with artificial mono and multivitamin complexes. However you should know that artificial vitamins are drugs and should be taken according to the recommended dosage, excluding the hypervitaminosis. A surplus in the body is no less dangerous than a disadvantage, therefore, the intake of mono-vitamins should be on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician.
Self-administration of multivitamin complexes should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, recommended dosage and never combine courses of several such complexes. In addition, the timing of the intake of multivitamins should be limited to 30 days, the frequency of self-initiating courses of therapy – 1-3 times a year.
So at this frequency, repeat courses of treatment to obtain maximum benefit, take vitamins properly. It is known that some vitamins cancel each other out if they fall in a stomach at the same time. Therefore, in some complexes of these bioactive substances are separated. Pills which vitamins of the same type are arranged in layers, separated by impermeable soluble shells - the most convenient form of release. During the promotion in the stomach and intestinal tract, the vitamins are dissolved consistently with no contact with each other.
How many vitamins of a group you need depends on many factors, including gender, age, lifestyle and physical activity. The need for them may vary, including during pregnancy. In the instructions enclosed in the packaging each multivitamin complex, you can always find the instructions, how often you need to apply it based on your individual circumstances. Sometimes on the packaging or in the user specified percentage of a vitamin in terms of daily dose for an adult.