Do something interesting that would help you to escape. It is possible to travel, but not in place, the climate which is dramatically different from the usual for you. Do not sit in the hotel and visit different places, go sightseeing, admire the sights. Fully concentrate on the rest. If you forget the desire to get pregnant failed, remind yourself that the child would have taken you much time, and you would not be able to enjoy the journey.
Try to change the way of life. Go on hikes, enroll in courses of sewing, do some Amateur photography, etc. Let you have less time to think about the failed pregnancy. If thoughts appear, imagine throwing them in rapid noisy river, and they disappear in the water. Then again back to the interrupted lesson, not allowing himself to be distracted.
Throw away unpleasant thoughts. Women who cannot become pregnant, sometimes tend to blame themselves, thinking they would be bad mothers, as if they had been punished by God for a particular offense, etc., the Situation is gradually deteriorating, thoughts are getting darker, pregnancy does not occur for months or even years. Let the situation calm down. Convince yourself that the baby will be, as soon as the right moment, and now let everything be as it is. Sometimes women can get pregnant only after they give up and abandon your desires.
Ask your relatives and friends to stop talking with you about children, conception, childbirth, etc. Try to minimize communication with people at every meeting asking annoying, don't get pregnant if you and when finally you are planning to have a baby. Such questioning can cause a woman who for a long time can not get pregnant, a serious nervous disorder, and you need to take it easy. Never say that you will not have a baby or that you are infertile, otherwise over time you will compel yourself these thoughts. Just know that you will get pregnant. Let it happen not now, but baby you will have and you'll be a wonderful mother.