Read more. Give preference to the popular scientific literature. Increase your level of knowledge on a variety of areas: history, geography, physics, chemistry, Economics, philosophy, political science, theology, mathematics and so on.
Remember, Scrabble is not only curiosity, but also the ability to delve deeply into the subject. Therefore, you need to not just from time to time to flip through scientific journals, and to seriously get acquainted with different theories and biographies of their creators. Pay attention also to opponents of various scientific versions and examine what in turn they are based.
Learn the art of. Make a plan for the course of world classical literature. Include not only poetry and prose but also a theoretical course on the artistic techniques in the literature. Learn to understand the music. Can also start with the classics. It is important not only to listen to music, but also to know the theory.
Take a course in fine arts and sculpture. Attend lectures at various museums, go to shows. Interested in the theatre. Don't miss the chance to visit the famous performances and alternate performances, go to the Opera and to the ballet.
Dedicate time to the study of foreign languages and cultures of other countries. Truly knowledgeable person is not only versed in the traditions of his country, but knows how foreigners live. Try to travel more and meet new people.
Every day enrich your vocabulary. Learn new words, their meaning and use in context. Try to vary your speech. Get rid of words-parasites and avoid multiple repetitions of the same expressions.
Learn to play chess. This game is great develops logical thinking and memory. Another way to improve their intellectual abilities - to teach poetry every day.
Expand your thinking. Try to find the relationship between different events. There is no meaning in memorization of various facts, if you can't mentally connect them into a single picture. Improve your analytical skills.
Do logical exercises and tasks for development of memory. So it will be easier to keep in mind a large amount of information. Work not only on visual, but also auditory memory, because some things need to remember at the hearing.