Advice 1: How to calm down when annoyed

The irritation, the desire arises to break the modern man often. It appears because of the surge, the difficult economic situation in the country and instability of personal relationships. But such emotions can be overcome.
How to calm down when annoyed
Strong irritation, as when the itch can accumulate, and then the explosion begins. But spills it is not only on the person who became his cause, and all others. You need to learn to control it, not to Express emotions, not to cry. This is especially necessary in a time when they need to make responsible decisions.

Quick exercises

Quick exercises you can do at any time, they do not require the need to go out and not draw attention to himself. Even at the meeting you will be able to cope with all the stress. Start with deep breathing: you have to do 10 breaths as strong. Thus focus only on this process for a few seconds stop to think about the stimulus.

Another way to relax is to count to 10. Use it before you start talking to not immediately fall in charges. Just slow myself call the numbers and only after the essential bills go with it. This pause will help you concentrate and not to say too much.

A good way to stop worrying — switching. Remember something pleasant. View in mind the moments that are very pleased and invigorated in the past, it will improve overall health. You can still look out the window, it is also a way to escape, especially good if in the street the sun shines. Smile at him, it will help you to relax.

Exercise and water treatments

Any stress is relieved by exercise. As during stress produces adrenaline, it must be used, so do the squats. Need to do this at least 10 times. You can also strain the muscles of the body, and then abruptly relax. Mahi hands, bending will also help to improve health.

Good stress helps twisting towels. Take regular waffle or cotton, roll in the form of a harness as much as possible, tighten your arms, shoulders. And then abruptly let go, let the fabric fall to the floor, but you will experience the relaxation that affect morale.

Boxing is the same way. Imagine in front of him who caused the condition and start to beat on him with his fists. Of course, you'll fall through the air, but emotionally it will be easier. For this purpose you can use the special bag or just a pillow, if it is at hand.

Well relieves stress douches, if this is not possible, wet with cool water over the face and neck. With wet hands massage the upper vertebrae and shoulders. It will relieve the stiffness eases.

Advice 2 : How to calm down when annoyed

Constant stress and low immunity, personal problems and domestic troubles often lead to anger, rage and General emotional intensity. But this will not be a guarantee of health and longevity, so we must learn how to protect yourself from unnecessary bursts of negativity.
How to calm down when annoyed

About the causes and consequences of

Many people know the situation when you hate everything, even the most minor details and seemingly neutral situation when you want to destroy or, conversely, to cry from impotence. All this is a sign of pent-up aggression, the cause of which may be hidden in the constant external pressure on the psyche or inner feelings.

Often the reason are stress, fatigue, the abundance of incoming information, the constant feeling of rush or expectations. When the General irritation from confusion or dissatisfaction is growing, but has no outlet, it turns into a powerful aggression, throw you want, otherwise the mental state approaching neurotic, and this is a serious medical problem.

It is important to remember that anger and anxiety should not be set aside. Permanent suppression of such natural feelings (unless of course they were not eternal life satellites) leads to a deterioration of moral and physical health. And, as a consequence, and to aging, and other complications.

About the methods

There are a few ways that help in a timely manner to cope with the passions and boiling emotions. You first need to remove the annoying object, to isolate their consciousness from the unwanted situation or any trouble. To go to another room to muffle the sounds, even just to take off their tight shoes or to change jobs (in more severe cases) — good all the way.

You need to learn to disconnect from the outside world, to withdraw into himself, but not in the continuous grinding of problems, making plans and thinking what to cook for dinner and to find the inner emptiness. And only then, finding a quiet area to start filling it with warmth and joy.

It is important to exhale itself from the resentment and irritation, not even figuratively. To feel your body and give the mind something pleasant. For some it's music, for some people, flipping through old photos, and someone you just want to pet the cat. Need at this moment to do something for yourself. Selfishly and honestly. Scarlett said "I'll think about it tomorrow." It may be wise to adopt the method? At least learn after calm to solve problems as they arrive. And not to pile up all at once.

If a psychological release that requires time and "hunting to change of places" not suitable, and the situation requires immediate resolution, you have to give aggression a more dramatic exit than the exhale. What? To translate the psychological irritation of physical activity. Go for a jog, poprisedat vigorously to break the paper stack, to dance, to break something, or even yell if conditions allow. Not on loved ones, even if they are involved, and nowhere.

And the most effective rescue from a state in which the itch is the following: do not succumb to the provocation of difficult situations and take care of yourself.
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