Strong irritation, as when the itch can accumulate, and then the explosion begins. But spills it is not only on the person who became his cause, and all others. You need to learn to control it, not to Express emotions, not to cry. This is especially necessary in a time when they need to make responsible decisions.

Quick exercises

Quick exercises you can do at any time, they do not require the need to go out and not draw attention to himself. Even at the meeting you will be able to cope with all the stress. Start with deep breathing: you have to do 10 breaths as strong. Thus focus only on this process for a few seconds stop to think about the stimulus.

Another way to relax is to count to 10. Use it before you start talking to not immediately fall in charges. Just slow myself call the numbers and only after the essential bills go with it. This pause will help you concentrate and not to say too much.

A good way to stop worrying — switching. Remember something pleasant. View in mind the moments that are very pleased and invigorated in the past, it will improve overall health. You can still look out the window, it is also a way to escape, especially good if in the street the sun shines. Smile at him, it will help you to relax.

Exercise and water treatments

Any stress is relieved by exercise. As during stress produces adrenaline, it must be used, so do the squats. Need to do this at least 10 times. You can also strain the muscles of the body, and then abruptly relax. Mahi hands, bending will also help to improve health.

Good stress helps twisting towels. Take regular waffle or cotton, roll in the form of a harness as much as possible, tighten your arms, shoulders. And then abruptly let go, let the fabric fall to the floor, but you will experience the relaxation that affect morale.

Boxing is the same way. Imagine in front of him who caused the condition and start to beat on him with his fists. Of course, you'll fall through the air, but emotionally it will be easier. For this purpose you can use the special bag or just a pillow, if it is at hand.

Well relieves stress douches, if this is not possible, wet with cool water over the face and neck. With wet hands massage the upper vertebrae and shoulders. It will relieve the stiffness eases.