You will need
  • - pregnancy test;
  • - analysis of blood on hgch.
Improper execution of instructions for the conduct of the test. Strict adherence to the instructions described on the packaging is strictly necessary, because any deviation from the rules may lead to false-positive results. Remember that the test strip is a very sensitive indicator which requires the most careful handling.
Low quality test. Manufacturers often make mistakes and send the counters of pharmacies and stores low-quality tests that show a false positive result when interacting with any liquid, whether it's urine, water, tea, etc. Therefore, it is possible that even with all the rules and regulations you will see the second strip, indicating the presence of pregnancy. Low quality test is the most likely cause of an incorrect result.
Elevated levels of HCG hormone in the blood. HCG is a chronic gonadotropin human that appears in the blood of women after conception. It is this hormone react pregnancy tests, so it's more accurate to say that the presence of the second stripes is not talking about fertilization, and elevated HCG. If you are sure that the test there was no error, test the level of HCG. To take a similar analysis can be done at any clinic. If you find that the level of the hormone really exceeded, but you are not pregnant, the main reason for false-positive test lies in the condition of your health. In this case, immediately consult a doctor to identify the causes. Among them may be the tumor or the administration of drugs containing HCG.
Recent childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, or remove an ectopic pregnancy can also affect the results of this procedure as a test for pregnancy. Make sure that it was made not earlier than one month after the last pregnancy. For the first time after delivery or abortion status of women is characterized by, in particular, elevated levels of HCG, giving a false positive result when testing for pregnancy.
A psychological factor. If you very much want the child, or, conversely, too afraid of an unwanted pregnancy, chances of auto-suggestion, when any shadow, point or even dent makes people to the test strip seems to be the sign of successful conception. In this situation, the cause of false-positive test will be only in your head, so do another test, trying to impartially assess the result.