Indeclinable Nellie often substituted for convenience in everyday life "Nelia". The end "and" not very typical for Russian names, so Nelly, in fact, already the short form from Western European Ellen, Helen, Eleanor, many people want to simplify more. Often the name Nelia styled Cornelius, and in Central Asia so alter the Arab — Naila.

From history of origin

Some parents do when child is registering even easier, they just call the little girl Nell, Nelly or Nelia. There are cases when women with a rare harmonious for her extremely irritated if they are called Nelia.
I must say that Nellie has long gone from the category of diminutive and occupied its own niche in Europe and in Russia. However, it would be a mistake to relate it to the names of Slavic origin.

The main versions of the origin name two, and both have Greek roots. As mentioned above, Western European names are equivalent in sense to Elena, but since the West decided to reduce it to Nellie, then Nellie is Elena. According to another version Nelly originates from Neville or Leonelli. These ancient Greek names for several centuries has undergone some changes and was found in such forms as Leoville, Neovilla, Neonila, Gunilla, but in the nineteenth century, the popularity derived from them: Nenila, Ninja and Nellie.

Performing the ceremony of baptism, can not find in the calendar, "Nellie", but there are plenty of options that match this name: Elena, Neonilla or Leonilla. So the lovely owner name Nelly may have several heavenly Protectress and several times a year to celebrate Orthodox nameday:

10 November – day of memory of Martyr of the Syrian Neonilla;
November 12 – the day of memory of St. Helena;
January 16 – the day of memory of Martyr Leonilla Langnickel;
3 June – the day of Queen Helena.

The meaning of the name Nellie

Since all versions of the origin of the name Nelly have a right to exist, and the values of its several. Neonilla translates as "young," and Leonilla the lioness. The name Helena is derived from Helen (bright, Sunny). If we add to these values of the Eastern culture, saying that Naila means "reaching success", we get a portrait of Nelly in all its manifestations.

And really, Nelly age is not a hindrance. It becomes even more attractive due to their intuitive wisdom and ability to "hindsight". Despite the fact that the owner of that name abhors a leadership and work is the unmatched leader of the house it is ready to concede the primacy of the household, treating home as a minor.

Pursuing a successful career and achieving success in scientific, educational, medical activities, or the arts, Nellie believes it is necessary to create strong family, based on trust relationships and spiritual closeness that she puts above material goods. Next to her is always a light, quiet and comfortable. Once acquainted with the sociable owner of this name, it will not be able to erase from his life. After all, Nelly inherent natural charm, high intelligence and kindness.