The first time check the eyesight of a child still in the hospital immediately after birth: neonatologist examines the baby's eyes. This verification without the use of special instruments is not complete, but allows to detect congenital abnormalities and abnormalities of the eye. Pay special attention to children born prematurely or in heavy labor. When it detects any abnormalities, the doctor gives a direction on consultation to the ophthalmologist. To check vision in the first year of life, you need 3 times: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

The vision test at home

To check the eyesight of the child can own the house without waiting for the next visit to the ophthalmologist. Two-month-old child determine the reaction of pupils to light, and eye movements for moving the subject in front of him. In 3 months the baby needs to see relatives and confidently to fix the gaze on the subject. Six-month-old child should already recognize objects or toys located at different distances from his eyes. In the year of the baby normal know small object from a distance of 1 meter. To 2 years visual acuity increases, and the child tries to consider the subject from 2.5 meters.

The vision test at the eye doctor

The doctor at the first visit checks for visual acuity, i.e. the ability of the child depending on age to stare at the subject and follow him. To determine the field of vision, the ophthalmologist takes the toy and gradually withdraw from behind the head of the baby as long as he did not notice. Checking the condition of the eye muscles, eyelids and lacrimal system, the doctor monitors the synchronous movement of the eyes, patency of the lacrimal duct, the ability to age normally to open and close. Eye look using the slit lamp and Ophthalmoscope. The whole procedure of checking a child lasts an average of 5 min. After that, parents receive comprehensive information about the state of the eye and the development of a child.

To more accurately determine the eyesight of a child is possible only after he starts talking. To do this the doctor uses a table with special tests. After a year optometrist examines the refraction of the eye using the ocular optics. Before that, the child is instilled in the eye drops widen the pupil. An indirect indication of the status of vision in a young child is the condition of the structures of the eye.

Astigmatism or high hyperopia in the absence of timely treatment can lead to amblyopia, which is characterized by abnormal development of the visual analyzer. In terms of eye clinic performed electrophysiological examination of the eye.