We should distinguish between the bulbs used for the immediate treatment, from those that are intended only for quartz treatment facilities in the absence of people. The latter often belong to the open type lamps and have a negative impact on living creatures and plants. Be sure to ask the consultant the type of lamp before pay for the goods.
For home use get the less powerful shielded lamp, allow the presence of people during a session of UV radiation and is equipped with tubes for quartz treatment of the nose, mouth or ear. They are often used to treat eczema and psoriasis, and also as a pain reliever for sore joints and muscles. The power of the lamp specified in the accompanying documents and on the sticker on the back side of the screen. View indicators for your chosen bulb, make sure it suits you.
Give preference to the lamp, which corresponds exactly to the volume of your room, do not take the device "stock" of excess capacity in this case is harmful. To determine the appropriate lamp use a table that is attached to each of them. In the table below, find the area of your room and determine the capacity.If the lamp is used for the treatment of the tube, then look at the accompanying attachments, their quality and quantity. It is important that the material of their manufacture was possible to treat the nozzles with disinfectant without harming them.
Most common are quartz lamps up to 60 cm, get one of these, because the device larger much harder to find the bulbs themselves, moreover, to be disposed of "small" is much simpler.
Note to young ladies – "side effect" from the radiation of quartz lamps of the skin can be tan. The main thing - do not overdo it, because the power of germicidal quartz lamps are usually significantly more power than the mini tanning beds, which uses a soft irradiation of ultraviolet spectrum, which is influenced by the length of the proceedings. If you use any types of quartz lamps is always recommended to wear safety goggles. Be careful with any quartz lamp (ultraviolet irradiation device) is always supplied with a detailed manual.