Use a salt lamp

Salt (salt) lamp is a lamp, the shell of which is made of compressed layer of salt. Using a lamp as an additional therapeutic and prophylactic, you can:
- to strengthen the immune system;
- to stabilize the mental state and strengthen the nervous system;
- normalize blood pressure;
- prevent diseases of the respiratory system;
- to destroy the house bacteria, fungi, mold and unpleasant smell;
to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic fields from appliances;
- relieve fatigue and anxiety.
Salt crystals lamp of this sort serve as a natural sterilizer: when heated they increase the ionization of the air, killing the protein structure of microbial cells and positively affecting human health.

It is recommended to use the salt lamp in the presence of:
- bronchial asthma;
- immune deficiency in children and adults;
- allergic diseases of the skin and peeling of the eyelids;
- nervous system diseases (vegetovascular dystonia of hypotonic and hypertensive type);
inflammatory process in the bronchi and trachea;
- sleep disorders.

In addition, due to the rich variety of colors salt lamps can be used as chromatotherapy (for color treatment). For example, orange light will help stabilize the nervous and mental condition and will also have a therapeutic effect on the kidneys and bladder.

Yellow lamp normalizes work of liver, gallbladder and pancreas, red has a positive effect on the heart and stimulates circulation. Pink salt lamp will have a positive impact on an emotional level, white disinfects and cleans the room, and the brown establishes a relationship with nature, maintaining health and helping to be trimmed.

Harm salt lamp

In order to avoid negative effects from the lamp, particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer. For example, in the part of the Pakistani lamps included potassium salt, which attracts radiation, Artemovsk lamp partially contain lime, which, once in the lungs, it will not are derived from them.
Solotvyno salt lamp is safe for health as it contains 100% NaCl without the addition of harmful elements.

But do not forget that a salt lamp is just an additional tool, so to avoid many diseases often walk in the fresh air and refrain from harmful lifestyle.