What kind of acne it is impossible to press

It is not recommended to squeeze out blackheads and comedones – you will only aggravate the situation. From this type of acne can be removed only in the beauty parlor. If you try to squeeze them at home, likely to be only skin redness.

To push only those eels that have a white head with a pronounced purulent contents. If in doubt, do ripe zit, better to postpone the procedure for a few days. Trying to squeeze immature pointless and dangerous, because can form permanent scars on the skin.

How to squeeze pimples

Before the procedure thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, wipe them with alcohol and put on sterile gloves. If you get infection in the open wound to avoid severe inflammation. Treat the skin with an alcoholic solution – you can also use any liqueur that you can buy in the drugstore.

If you have very delicate and sensitive skin, soak cotton wool in novocaine and apply to the skin for a few minutes. Then take two cotton pad and gently with the two sides attach them to the skin around the pimple. Apply a little pressure. If the content is not being evacuated, increase the pressure force.
Squeeze the pimple you need until then, until you get out all the pus. If you fail to do so, it is better not to overdo it. Don't be afraid of blood is not so scary.

After the procedure, lubricate the wound with iodine. Use the green paint is irrational to wash it later will be problematic, and to go with the green spot you don't want. In principle, suitable for disinfection of alcohol or any infusion, for example, calendula or Echinacea.
Do not use for disinfection of tonics, even if you noticed the presence of alcohol. Its content is minimal, so the efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

Sometimes you cannot squeeze the pimple completely, so the next day you notice that pus reappeared. You can try to repeat the already completed the procedure again. If you push no more desire, attach a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, for 10 minutes. Just a couple of days the swelling goes down and the skin starts to epitelizirutmi.

When severe inflammation better to consult a dermatologist or a beautician. Experts will examine and prescribe remedies that will quickly help to eliminate pimples on the face. If you already have scarring of the skin, you need to spend grinding, or course of peels.