Types of memory

An overwhelming number of people who want to remember the information, trying to use visual, motor and auditory types of memory. Someone for memorizing text, be sure to run it with your eyes, the second receptive material only after listening, and the third the easiest way to remember new words only after the holographic rewriting or retyping them.

Scientists say that kinesthetic memory contributes to the rapid memorization of the material only when a person performs all the described manipulations on their own.

You can apply another option for accelerated learning, which is called a figurative or associative thinking. This method is based on the fact that intelligence is needed to create an image of what you need to remember and associate it with a Association on text or words.

Thinking in pictures

Pretty hard to quickly learn new abstract meaning. To facilitate this process it is necessary to learn to associate words with visual images. Especially this method is effective for learning foreign words. Here the similarity of pronunciation helps to memorize whole sentences. In addition, invaluable for learning new foreign words can make basic audio player. Not looking up from the cases being in the subway, you should constantly listen to the text because the human brain at this time is bored and requires "food", it's pretty easy remembering information.

Fast learning

For a quick study of the words there are many recommendations that can bring real help when they are adhered.

1. Be sure to tune in on success, believe in yourself. Without this it is impossible to begin to learn new information.
2. For better memorization of words in the text you want to highlight, to emphasize and to come up with them.
3. During class the best 30 minutes of time to take in the learning process, for 10 minutes to take a break.
4. For learning words best suited cards with pictures and the motto: "Imagine – Blurts – Play".
5. Without regular, healthy and strong sleep is no educational process is impossible.
6. New words it is better to repeat the first immediately, the second time in an hour, the third after the morning awakening.
7. You can make links out of words. Example: plate-food-drink. Remember for just 6-8 new words.
8. The easiest is deposited in the brain the information read just before bedtime.