What are the signs of the Zodiac are not suitable Fish for a relationship?

The most inappropriate for Pisces horoscope astrologers called the two representatives of the fire element of Sagittarius and Leo. The fish requires a sensitive and reliable partner with whom they will feel an affinity and who will be able to support them in any situation. Neither Sagittarius or Leo not able to associate himself with such obligations.

Sagittarius is too independent, so even being in a long-term relationship, he remains emotionally detached from his partner. And since Fish do not represent relationships in which there is no deep emotional connection, this Union is doomed to failure.

Leo also has a highly developed independent and not willing enough to dissolve in a partner, as required by the Fish. In addition, Leo is prone to selfishness and bossy, and Fish tend to sublime relations which have no place in this vile manifestations.

Another sign of the Zodiac, which is Pisces incompatible for love is Gemini. At first, this Union can be passionate and sensual, but after a while the Fish will feel like their partner is pulling away. Gemini is too fickle and irresponsible to the relationship with sensitive Fish that require a lot of attention.

What are the signs of the Zodiac are not suitable Fish for friendship?

Not the most successful partnerships in Fish are added to the air and fire element. The air signs – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra – are inconstancy and levity. They are very sociable and have many friends, and because I prefer unobtrusive friendship, more like a friendly relationship. Fish is committed to this friendship and believe that the other is a man who at any moment have to drop everything and come to help, so with these signs of the Zodiac, they are unlikely to find a common language.

Fire signs – Leo, Sagittarius and Aries – is not able to meet the demand of Fish in a close and open relationship. However, a good partnership they may have with Aries, which tends to idealize the relationships between people and to show adequate sincerity. Other representatives of the fire element in the representation of the Fish are too shallow and unreliable for true friendship. With Sagittarius they have completely no understanding, and Leo seems the Fish are too narcissistic and arrogant.