Before you start check the level of oil in AKPP, it is necessary to start the engine and allow it to warm up to a certain temperature. This can be achieved by "sweep" of the vehicle at a distance of 15-20 km. Prior to start the process of measuring the level of oilnecessary to fill the entire control system. This in turn requires switching the lever of the automatic transmission for all possible positions. After this process, it is necessary to return to the neutral position.
Then provide the car a smooth horizontal surface, while not drowning out the engine. Shift automatic transmission to position "P". Get the special dipstick to check the level of oil of automatic transmission , and wipe dry. Then re-insert the probe back into pipe to the stop and again take out. The lower, dry spot on the dipstick and will match the level of the oil in the automatic transmission.
But don't forget that there are various pitfalls to check oil in the car. It is written in the instructions from the manufacturer that comes with each machine. For example, on the car "Honda" check is done only after warming up the oil up to operating temperature and with the engine off. And models such as "Mitsubishi", "Hyundai", "VW", "Audi" (with a three-speed boxes ) necessary to raise the lever of the automatic transmission to position "N". There are also vehicles with automatic transmissionwhere is the dipstick there is a test tube for checking the level of oil should be put in Java or raise on a hoist. So checked the BMW brand.