You will need
  • – Vishnevsky ointment;
  • – sterile wipes, bandages, cotton;
  • salicylic alcohol
To cure furuncle, carbuncle or felon, apply the ointment on four-layer cloth and apply it to the boil, cover with plastic and bandage. After 10 hours remove the bandage, gently remove the cloth remains of the ointment and be sure to disinfect the affected place salicylic alcohol. Apply a fresh bandage until the wound is completely clear of pus.
This drug to treat an abscess is possible only after its opening and removal of pus. It imposed the same bandages and boils, only they need to be changed more frequently, every 6 hours. For greater efficiency you can alternate Vishnevsky ointment and a topical antibiotic cream.
Bed patient should be particularly protected against the formation of bedsores. As soon as the skin will turn red immediately have to apply a bandage with Vishnevsky ointment on the irritated place. If the time is not lost, it is enough to replace it a couple of times, and the skin'll be clean again.
Of varicose, thrombophlebitis, occlusive disease of leg ulcers is also well treated with dressings with the ointment. It prevents them from infection, stimulating blood circulation, accelerates healing. The dressings should be used twice a day, fixing with an elastic bandage. With varicose veins it is advisable Vishnevsky ointment alternated with the ointment containing heparin.
Burns and frostbite for over a century, successfully treating it with medication Vishnevsky. It not only accelerates healing of injured tissues, but also reduces the risk of scarring. Change the bandage every three or four days.
In the acute exacerbation of hemorrhoids first usually a few days doing sitz baths with potassium permanganate is pink. And then compresses the layered tissue ointment is applied to the hemorrhoidal for two days, replacing them with fresh every 12 hours. You can do microclysters, introducing the drug into the anus of a Turkey Baster.
In gynecology it is used in various inflammatory diseases. Ointment-impregnated tampons inserted into the vagina. The course of treatment prescribed by a gynecologist and lasts at least one week.
A Vishnevsky ointment cure even infertility when it is caused by running endometritis. First, surgically cleaned of the fallopian tube and then for faster healing imposed on the night of tampons with ointment. The effectiveness of such treatment is twice higher than the efficiency of other methods.