You will need
  • medications;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • oil of cedar nuts;
  • Vishnevsky ointment
First consider whether you have the prerequisites for the development of such diseases. The cause of otomycosis can be a decrease in the protective forces of the body caused by any transferred disease; antibiotics; trauma to the outer ear passage. In addition, the fungus of the ear can catch, visiting the pool and failure to observe rules of personal hygiene. The disease develops rather quickly, because the human body has all the necessary conditions for this: in the ear permanent free access of air, which provides the fungi with oxygen and carbon dioxide, there are no sun rays and are always the optimum temperature. Remembered that might be infected? Feel constant itching in the ear? Then go to the doctor.
How to treat fungus in the ear
At the reception, tell the audiologist how long have you had these symptoms, how often they bother you. The doctor will conduct the necessary tests, take ear discharge for analysis. And already by its results will provide you with an accurate diagnosis. If the ear fungus is confirmed, he will prescribe you necessary treatment.
You can try to bring the fungus from the ear and traditional methods. One of them using peroxide. Lie on your side, take a cotton swab soaked in peroxide and squeeze out fluid in her ear. Then lie down and wait for 5-10 minutes until the peroxide fizzes and foams. After you have to clean the ear with a Turkey Baster or wipe it with cotton sticks. After 3-4 treatments, the disease should pass.
How to treat fungus in the ear
You can use Vishnevsky ointment. To do this, rinse the ear with peroxide of hydrogen, and then wipe it dry. After 20-30 minutes then insert in ears of cotton wool on the ends lubricated with ointment Vishnevsky. I use this method usually for the night.
Alternatively, you can try treatment with oil of walnuts. You should start with 1 drop, gradually increasing the dose to 4. First, as in all cases, treat the ear with hydrogen peroxide. Then drip the oil into the ears. You can put it on turundy and insert in the ears. Leave overnight.
How to treat fungus in the ear
But the important thing to remember, whatever seemed miraculous treatment, it is necessary to carry out under the supervision of a specialist.