It should be noted that "Afobazol" is not a toxic drug-induced means. In this regard, overdose of them is extremely rare. However, be aware that the use of much more medication and intoxication "Afobazol" can cause sedation. In other words, may develop a depressive effect directly on the Central nervous system.

In addition, this drug can cause increased sleepiness without evidence of muscle weakness. That is why it is important when using medicines to adhere to the ones recommended dosage and duration of treatment.

If you experience overdose shows the introduction subcutaneously of a solution of caffeine sodium benzoate in one milliliter three times a day. Specific antidote "Afobazol" is not.

What are contraindications to the use of "Afobazol"

This drug is absolutely contraindicated for women during pregnancy and in the lactation period. In addition, "Afobazol" it is impossible to use for children and adolescents under eighteen years of age. Also not recommended acceptance means those organism which has an increased sensitivity to components that are part of the "Afobazol".

In some cases, shows the use of "Afobazol"

This medical tool has a fairly wide spectrum of action. It shows people suffering from anxiety disorders, neurasthenia. In addition, it is used as a complex therapy of bronchial asthma, arrhythmia, irritable bowel syndrome and hypertension. "Afobazol" has a beneficial effect on patients with sleep disorders, alcohol syndrome, neurocirculatory dystonia, with premenstrual tension. In addition, the use of this drug greatly facilitates Smoking cessation.

"Afobazol" and alcohol

As a rule, "Afobazol" it reinforces the effect of alcohol and does not cause poisoning of the body. However, the use of alcohol, the effectiveness of this drug will be almost zero. In the case of the treatment of neurosis-like States should be aware that "Afobazol" and alcohol affect the Central nervous system in completely different ways. The fact that the constant use of alcohol toxic effect directly on brain cells, increasing the expression of neurosis. "Afobazol" helps relieve stress, therefore simultaneous reception of it with alcohol is contraindicated.