What colors do play a role in increasing the space

The Board designers for small rooms is to use light colors: light beige, blue, pink, peach tones. It's shades of the so-called bedding palette. But bright colors, sharp discontinuities and contrasts of dark scales only reduce the space. If to talk specifically about the colors, the blue color tends to alienate the objects, but the orange tones warm spirit opposite to zoom in. To create comfort and to visually expand the space, avoid bright and dark tones.

Which picture able to visually enlarge the room

Drawing on the Wallpaper, too, plays a role in increasing the space. In a small room you can't hang Wallpaper with a large pattern. To visually raise the ceiling, choose Wallpaper with vertical stripes. A small figure on a plain wall will visually enlarge the space. You can do a mixture of styles and colors, achieving different results. To one wall was an accent in the space, it can pokleit Wallpaper with larger picture or to do a spot of color. And the deep dark wall easily revive it Wallpaper paste over lighter shades.

Another way of increasing the space - with the help of photo with prospect

There is another good solution to visually increase the space in a small room is a Wallpaper coated with the photographic image. Not all Wallpapers will cope with the increase in space. But only the Wallpaper with the prospect: this may be the horizon or receding into the distance street, Avenue, or water world.

The main caveat of this Wallpaper is their visual continuation of the deep. Nature lovers will be able to find a path in the woods, stretching into the distance. Sea with distant sailing boats. Green lawn with the mountains on the horizon. Fans of urban style will satisfy the bridge with streets, the Eiffel tower, which leads to the road.

There are General guidelines for the room design with Wallpaper with perspective. For gluing of Wallpaper needed a blank wall or piece. Where will be located the image should not stand high furniture, it is permissible to move the sofa, coffee table or bed. For very small rooms, choose Wallpaper in bright colors. If you want to visually raise the ceiling, get Wallpaper with a vertical pattern. In rooms with lots of light looks spectacular rich and cool tones, in dark rooms – glue the Wallpaper with a warm bed story.

And the main aspect when choosing photo Wallpaper is their longevity, because you are their glue is not for a month, so choose a positive and beautiful picture.