It is not wrong?

Artificial leather is substantially inferior to the natural in reliability and quality, it is worse responds to temperature changes much faster come into disrepair. Unfortunately, it is often trying to pass off as natural.

If you buy some expensive product in a major store, it must be accompanied by a sample miniature of animal skin, in addition, the label must contain the appropriate legend. Pattern skinning specifies that the product you hold in your hands is really made of genuine leather, a small diamond indicates a synthetic material, image matting suggests that the product is made of textile. Unfortunately, such labels can be faked, so when choosing you need to pay attention to some nuances.

Genuine leather always has a fairly strong odor, it needs to be strong, but not sharp or unpleasant. In some cases manufacturers process of artificial skin with a special compound which imitates the natural odor, but usually it is more sharp and a little different from the natural. If possible, when shopping, bring your existing leather item that will allow you to compare the smells.

What to pay attention?

Always very carefully inspect the raw slices of the product. You can find them in your pocket, inset zip, seams. If the cut can be brushed, unlike the fabric, while not stratified, most likely in front of you genuine leather. If all sections are hidden and processed, this indicates a fake. The fact that the skin does not require additional processing, because it does not crumble and is not deformed in the cut, but artificial materials can not boast of it.

You can try to determine the origin of the material by fire, but it is unlikely this will be done in the store. Genuine leather does not light up, it just starts to smolder. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of fakes have started to handle faux-leather a special compound that allows it to illuminate.

Instead of fire you can use water, enough to drip a little on the surface of the skin. Natural high-quality material will absorb a drop of water and slightly darkened, with imitation leather, the water just rolls off.

You can try to check what is in front of you, with the help of heat. Just by putting your hand on a piece of leather. If after some time you will feel the surface beneath my hand began to give off heat back, that means she's a natural. Faux leather always remains cold, besides, it bears traces of sweating after you remove your hand.