Concurrent employment can be internal, that is, in the same company with the same employer. It is clear that for domestic part-time to produce additional documents is not necessary, just compiled an additional employment contract. But for part-time for another employer you need to show your passport and provide a copy of it.
About any workbook, of course, the speech can not go, she remained on the primary place of work. But if, sitting concurrently, you want to do this in the personnel record, get help with a second job and submit it to human resources at the main site. The entry in the workbook should soon appear. In addition, for the device to work part-time would be good to have a copy of the work book to interest a prospective employer their experience and seniority.
For some type of work may be required to present a diploma or other document on the appropriate education. This is especially true of complex works or intellectual labor with specific knowledge.
When applying for harmful or dangerous production, to work with heavy physical labor may require a certificate stating that your first job such difficult conditions deprived. Under the labour legislation the employer has no right to take the employee repeatedly for this kind of activity, if the employee has already taken them on the main job.
To work part-time are not required to show military ID, so this activity can be a good option for military service young men without a military ID.
Concurrently forbidden to take only minors, all the rest – if you agree with the main employer and find the necessary time to work part-time can.
The employment contract concluded with the employee in combination, may be for a definite term and indefinite. It sets both parties, the employer offers some form of cooperation, and the employee agrees or disagrees with her. Moreover, on a part-time job does not apply the provision of the Labour code stating that an employment contract should be the exception in the workplace, not the rule.