Store leather boots a drop of water. If the skin is present, it should absorb moisture. If the Cabinet is a shoes leatherette, the water will drain, and the surface will remain absolutely dry. If the drop flows down on the skin it leaves a wet trail, which dries up after some time. If the material is really high quality, after drying, water white marks should not remain on the boots.
Real leather does not burn. If the shoes for some time to bring the lighter, then nothing will happen. But the leatherette at the slightest contact with fire begins to melt. However, in the store itself you are unlikely to conduct such an experiment.
Hold the boots in his hands. Genuine leather has the ability to heat up and retains heat for some time. Substitute is also able to heat up, but he immediately and cools. In addition, the skin is much softer and nicer to the touch than leather.
Smell shoes. Leather has a peculiar smell not too strong. If the product has been processed with all the rules, you may even be able to feel light unobtrusive flavor. However, the smell is not an indication that the thing is really made of genuine leather. Now the cunning manufacturers of leather to simulate the smell began to add leather shavings.
With special attention to visually inspect all joints. Of them in any case must not protrude the skin. If you find something suspicious, then do not purchase this shoes. After all, the product leatherette impractical, it will be worn much less than leather.