You will need
  • - alarm clock;
  • - a sleep mask;
  • - earplugs.
Learn to divide their daily sleep into several cycles. If you will come back with the change and sleep till evening, then gradually you will notice that life seems to pass you. You will not be able to cope with home work and will not be able to pay attention to loved ones. That is why after working is to sleep 4-5 hours and then another 2-3 just before the night shift. In this case, you will free up the active day time which you devote to domestic Affairs, health, family. For the first time in a fractional sleep will be hard to get used to. Set your alarm and try to stand strictly on the bell, and gradually the body gets used to this rhythm. Even if it's Sunny and noisy, create in your bedroom the illusion of the night. Tightly pull the curtains, ask family members not to make a noise, disconnect the phone. In a pinch, use a sleep mask and earplugs.
If you don't work every night, try and other days gradually shift the mode. To go in the morning not necessarily, but try to get up later and later in the evening to occupy yourself with active cases. If a few hours before bedtime you will read or watch TV, you run the risk of quickly to sleep. Go to the late night supermarket for groceries, join a gym for the evening workout, do some cleaning. In most cases you will save the total time, avoiding the crowds and traffic. Your aim is to accustom the body to activity at a later time.
Organize your work the night shift correctly. If it is fairly monotonous, try to arrange every 5 minutes with small breaks during which to drink room temperature water and do the workout. Try all the most difficult tasks to perform in the first half of the shift, because the closer to the morning your performance will certainly decrease. Every three hours eat food rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. If your work allows, take 15-20 minutes to sleep during the shift. Try to fully relax and disconnect. If you do everything right, this short sleep will help rejuvenate.