You are unable to self-selection of antibiotics, as the drugs are dispensed from the pharmacy conscientious pharmacists only by prescription. Moreover, their selection requires a lot of knowledge in the field of antibacterial therapy, taking into account physiological indicators of health and severity of the disease.
Self-treatment of pneumonia can lead to serious complications and immunity microbes even the strongest antibiotics. Doctor may prescribe antibiotic penicillin such as "Amoxicillin", "Augmentin", "Ampicillin", "Amoxiclav". If you do not carry or derivatives of penicillin before it was treated with strong antibiotics, the therapy is selected individually taking into account characteristics of your body and laboratory performance tests.
Antibiotics from the group of ftorhinolon also widely used for the treatment of pneumonia. For example, you can assign: "Levofloxacin", "Maximal", "Avelox", "Moxifloxacin". This group is assigned in case of intolerance of penicillin and bacteria resistant to the antibiotic group of penicillin.
When complicated by pneumonia or pleurisy is prescribed cephalosporins or macrolides. To cephalosporins include: "Cefuroxime", "Zinacef", "Zinnat", "Acetin". To macrolides – "Azithromycin", "Azitroks", "Summoned", "Hemomitsin".
Doses of antibiotics and duration of treatment chosen for each patient individually. In addition to antibiotic treatment for pneumonia are appointed immunomodulators, such as "Derinat", which reduces the likelihood of serious complications and speeds recovery several times, activating the protective forces of the body.
After removing the acute process and normalization of temperature the doctor will prescribe physiotherapy. During the acute phase of the disease physiotherapy is contraindicated.