Live playfully. For psychological time will slow down, if people will live in the perception of the flow of information. That's why so long stretches of childhood. When a child plays, time stops for him. As they grow older it develops thinking. He is lazy already, like a sponge, absorbing knowledge. As a result, with age, we feel the acceleration of time.Therefore, to live joyfully – it means to constantly be in the information field. Take creativity from "nothing" do "something" as a child, invent. This is a positive adult games. Surely you can remember a time when late in the afternoon, I thought: "wow, what a long day today".
Try to change the psychological perception of time. The perception of movement time dependent on age. The stronger a person feels that he is slipping time, the faster it grows old. His face is a "physiognomic watch". Lines, arrows accurately, which man is on the alert and counts down the years. You cool can shorten the life of if you go on about this "dial". In the opposite case, the "arrow" will change its direction, and wrinkles will be smoothen.
Remember to keep balance in your life. Develop all spheres of life: career, family, money, personal growth, relationships – all should be in your field of attention. Conduct periodically analysis your life and adjust your results.
Plan ahead your next day, i.e. for lunch or the evening the present day, you must make a written plan for my actions the other day. The purpose of this plan is that you in the morning, without doubting and without hesitation, what to do in the first place begin to act on the planned route.
Find a book or enroll and complete training on time management. This is an interesting science management personal time. After examining it, you will be able to find techniques that work for you.
Learn to love, because love not only stops time, but can greatly affect its qualitative component. But it is more important than speed.