Of course, most girls, especially in adolescence, dreaming of becoming a movie star, model or singer. Nothing is impossible, provided that you have the appropriate data: the artistry, the voice and hearing and the appropriate standards of the model parameters of the figure. If not, will have to come down "on the ground" and examine the list of real possibilities.


Beautiful prospective, current and monetary profession for a girl, if it is "friendly" with the numbers, is perseverance and calm nature. The accounting profession is always in demand. Here the main thing not to go to graduate school and acquire practical knowledge. And improve them as and when various innovation, that is, always keep hand on pulse". Of course, what the accountant wants to become a chief accountant. To accelerate career growth, it is better to not go to the factory where an accountant years performs routine operations, and in a private firm, albeit small. The challenges you will face will give you all the knowledge and skills, as you will not acquire in the state of even the most powerful enterprises in my life.

By the way, to begin to work as an accountant, do not have to finish College. You can finish the training and start to work, and to receive higher education in parallel with the work.

Tour operator

Tourism Manager – this profession is for girls who know how to communicate, want to see the world, do not like to sit in one place. The number of people willing to go relax in another country today is growing rapidly. Is not as popular a vacation in the country. The tourist industry – a win-win profitable employment. In this sphere, operators and managers are always needed. And involved mostly women. Even without higher education to go to work as a simple operator. You will very quickly learn the communication skills, interpersonal skills, begin to understand the geography, hospitality business, comprehend the wisdom of issuing visas and booking tickets. In short, all skills are useful. The Institute in the future is also nice to have. This is to allow in the future to become the CEO or even open their own travel Agency.


Another win-win profession for girls – design (clothing, landscape, interior decorator or stylist. The scope of services for the care and beautification of the surrounding space is expanding every year. If you have at least minimal artistic skills, feel free to go to the creative profession of the designer or stylist. The demand for people in these professions are high. And when you gain a customer base will feel the "goddess of design" and "style icon" with all the attendant material benefits.