Start to give your baby crackers and vitamin-enriched biscuits with seven months of age. These products significantly diversify the diet of the child. If at this age the child still does not know how to bite and chew, it is necessary to soften the biscuits in milk and feed baby from a spoon.
From the age of 8 months can enter in the child's diet white bread. As for the portions - you should start with 3 grams a day, and gradually increase it. To the year portion of bread should be about 15 grams per day (1/3 of a piece of bread).
Starting from 1.5 years teach your baby to drying, barncam, fresh liver, etc., for Example, can give some of it in the afternoon (50-60 grams). Unfortunately, today, many of the listed products are "enriched" additives that can cause allergic reactions, so be careful. In addition, it is not recommended to offer friable products to children that are not well know how to chew food. You may notice that after the introduction in the diet of the baby, bread and bakery products, he began to suffer from flatulence, colic or indigestion. In this case, contact your baby's doctor that will help find out the reasons.
With one year to three years increase intake of bread or bakery products in the diet of the child up to 60-80 grams per day. If he has no problems digesting wheat bread, to 3 years can enter and rye bread (15-20 grams per day).
Children aged 3 to 6 years let's 100-120 grams of wheat bread a day (this also applies to baking). Dose of rye bread should not exceed 50 grams per day.