Advice 1: Is it possible to save salted mushrooms

Do not be discouraged if, when preparing the mushrooms, you pour in too much salt. It is easy to fix. There are techniques that will improve the taste of salty boiled or roasted mushrooms. If you fail to remove the excess salt, cook from the forest delicious.
Is it possible to save salted mushrooms
You will need
  • - mushrooms;
  • water;
  • pan;
  • - frying pan.
Once you have brought the mushrooms home, recycle them. Sort, wash and clean. Some mushrooms before cooking should be soaked. Then boil them. Pour water if it has become dark. Rinse the mushrooms and add clean water. The liquid salt. If you have a steady hand, you have too much salt in the mushrooms, they need urgent rescue.
There are several ways of giving the mushrooms excellent taste. Put it in the sink colander, throw into it the contents of the pan. Turn on the cold water from the tap, let it flow for 5-10 minutes. Help the liquid to wash the excess salt, and to do this periodically stir the mushrooms with your hands.
The second method will also help to save salted mushrooms. Drain them in a colander, lightly rinse and place in a large pan where you poured a lot of cold water. The forest lay in her 20-25 minutes, you give the surplus salt liquid. After that, rinse them again and continue to boil in new water.
In mushroom soup are the spices and other ingredients that you throw a pity? Then apply another way. Take a piece of cloth, pour into it the flour, tightly tie the ends of the scarf thread. Let's take this design into the broth. For ten minutes the flour will take away the excess salt, and the mushrooms will be saved.
If you have not tried mushrooms before seaming, opened a jar for the holiday table, and they are too salty, then immediately take action. Forest products rinse and soak for 20 minutes as described above. I'll try that out. Prepare a new dish, if the taste has not improved.
Put the mushrooms on the hot pan you just poured sunflower oil. Fry the mushrooms without salt. 5 minutes before end of cooking add finely cut bulb onion.
Try the result of their efforts. It turned out delicious? Then serve the dish with boiled potatoes. Guests will surely appreciate. If still too salty, the mushrooms, then pour water into the pan in which they fried. Let the sauce to boil it for 15 minutes. At this time, prepare the thickener. If you have a pan with 250 ml of liquid, put a tablespoon of flour in a Cup, fill it with 100 ml of cold water and stir. Flour pour the filling into the pan, carefully stirring its contents.
Of slightly salted mushrooms will make a fine soup. Rinse, soak, fry them with onions. Put in a pot with boiling water. 2 liters of fluid, take 500 grams of fried mushrooms. Put in a pot 100 grams of fine noodles, add 2 Bay leaves, and stir.
Simmer the contents over low heat for 5 minutes. Pour on plates, sprinkle soup with chopped dill or parsley. This delicious entree with sour cream.

Advice 2: What if the soup is too salty

To oversalt the soup enough one careless movement of the salt shaker, but to correct this mistake, you will have to expend more effort. However, the soup is too salty – not a tragedy, and unfortunate but avoidable setback.
What if the soup is too salty

One of the best ways to eliminate excess salt in liquid dishes adding raw potatoes. Take a common tuber, wash, clean and cut them into 2,5-5 cm pieces. Lower the potatoes into the hot soup, standing on medium heat and hold it there for 15-20 minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon or kitchen tongs.

Professional chefs often resort to another technique – introduction to soup acid. Suitable for both lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar. Start with a small amount – 1 teaspoon of acid. Well stir it in the soup and try it out. If the situation is not corrected, add some more. Also in some soups with starchy vegetables allowed to try to neutralize the salty taste of not only acidic, but also sweet. Add a little sugar and the acid.

In liquid soups can be simply removed from one quarter to one third of the liquid and replace it with a fresh component. Depending on the kind of soup that can be unsalted broth, cream, milk; soups with tomatoes, you can safely add unsalted tomato juice. In a pinch, you can substitute regular salted broth hot water. Don't forget to warm the soup, after adding the liquid.

It is also possible, conversely, from a liquid soup to make a thick, adding bystrorazvarivayuschayasya vegetables suitable to the taste of the soup.

For thick chowder and seafood soups-mashed potatoes you can safely add evaporated milk or flour. 1 tablespoon of flour will need to pre-mix in a small bowl with the broth from the soup and then add the smooth mixture to the pot.

It is known that the problem is often easier to avoid than to resolve. And salty soup. Remember a few simple rules:
seafood also contain some amount of salt, take it into account by adding them to the soup;
- do not salt the soup salt shakers with holes. So you can't control the exact amount of salt, besides an emergency situation, when the caps fall down soup, with a mound of salt in the middle, is in no way correct;
- cold dishes always seem to be less salty than warm or hot. Do not try salt completely cooled down soup or broth, heat and only the field sample;
- when you taste the soup or any other meals in salt, sugar, spices, make sure the portion is large enough to cover medial and lateral areas of the tongue responsible for the perception of these tastes.

Advice 3: How to save a salty dish

Even experienced cooks can sometimes overdo meals. In this case, it is important not to panic, because almost any salty dish can be saved, if you act properly.
If you add too much salt, it is not necessary to dilute it with water in an attempt to save. It can ruin the taste of the dish. Take a small piece of lump sugar, put it in a regular spoon and dip it into the broth. As soon as the sugars begin to melt, remove the spoon from the broth and replace with a piece of lump sugar. This procedure can be repeated several times until the taste is corrected. The porous structure of refined sugar makes it a great absorbent, which easily absorb salt from the broth.
Instead of refined sugar, you can use the breadcrumbs or coarsely chopped raw potatoes. These products you just need to put in the soup and continue to cook. The crackers need to get in a few minutes (and, if necessary, to put in a new one), and the potatoes can be left in the boiling broth for 10-15 minutes, but don't let it get soft after boiling as to pull the broken pieces of overcooked potatoes is not an easy and pleasant task. You can use special cloth bags to avoid this.
By the way, the soup is too salty can be saved by using rice in a fabric bag. It is sufficient to omit the broth and hold it there until cooked meals, rice is wonderful pulls salt from the liquid.
If you have no products listed, but there is honey or lemon, you can add them to the broth to reduce salinity. However, with a very tasty broth this trick may not work.
Oversalt meat can be corrected by using fresh flour sauce, mashed potatoes or sour cream. Salt is mainly distributed in the outer layers of muscle tissue, so unsalted homogeneous additive can be drawn into quite a substantial amount of salt. Salted beef patties can be saved by adding a bit of boiled unsalted rice or grated vegetables.
Fish to save a little tougher than the meat because the salt penetrates all the layers in the fillet or carcass. However, in this situation, fresh sauces will help to neutralize oversalt. If you have too much salt in the defrosted or fresh fish, not having to cook it, just rinse it with cold water. Salted boiled fish you can pour fresh boiling water and let stand for about 5 minutes.
From stews and other stews, the salt can draw out the usual fresh tomatoes. They need to finely chop, then add to the dish and saute for a few minutes.
If vegetables are salted during cooking, the situation will correct, the Bay of fresh water and Povarov a few minutes. But salted raw vegetables, of which you were going to make a salad, you can only "dilute" the other ingredients.
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