Methods of interruption of pregnancy on term of up to one month there is not so much. As a rule, medical or vacuum abortion.
Using special pills to terminate pregnancy is the most sparing method. Such exposure has no effect on reproductive function. Once a woman is ready for motherhood, she will be able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby and to maintain their health.
In addition, this type of abortion does not require a stay in the hospital. It is only necessary to pass tests and undergo ultrasound. However, it is not so simple. Even a medical abortion requires a serious approach.
The dose should be calculated by a skilled surgeon. Incorrectly calculated dose can lead to incomplete abortion. And, therefore, negatively affect women's health.
For medical abortion prescribe such proven products as "Postinor", "Mifepristone", "Pencrofton", "Evolian", "Meigen". Their reception provokes a spontaneous miscarriage. The drug has an effect on fertilized egg. Next, it detaches from the wall of the uterus and leaves her in consequence of heavy periods.
The assignment scheme of the drug prescribed by a doctor. This takes into account the diagnostic card and the individual characteristics of the body of the patient. After medical abortion a woman must undergo a new examination to clarify the effectiveness of the procedure. Next, the doctor prescribes medicines for a complete recovery of the body.
Another method of termination of pregnancy up to one month is vacuum abortion. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. If desired, can be used General anesthesia. At the initial stage, the patient will receive "Misoprostol" and "Oxytocin". The first drug relaxes the uterus. The second causes it to decrease.
After that, the vagina is expanded with help of a special device and treated with antiseptic. Vacuum abortion performed under local anesthesia, can cause side effects. These include: weakness, nausea, sweating, dizziness. At the end of the vacuum abortion, the doctor gave thorough inspection that was extracted from the uterus. If any parts are missing, the procedure is continued with a special tool. The uterine wall clean as long as you do not remove all the excess.
Such a procedure is vacuum abortion does not require a long stay in hospital. If the patient has no bleeding or other complications, you can go home after an hour. To prevent possible infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.