If you have a cervical erosion, a good way of treating it are candles. If you have not yet given birth, burning, erosion, contraindicated, because it leaves scars on the uterus. The advantage of candles is their soft basis from which the active substance is slowly and evenly distributed in the vaginal mucosa. The medication contained in the candle reaches the inflammation but does not suppress the vital activity of lactic acid bacteria. In addition, candles are much easier to use than pills, which need to be soak with water and difficult to push into the vagina, damage to the mucous membranes.
If you are looking for an effective drug against erosion, which has many positive reviews, you will approach "the Hexicon". These candles have anti-inflammatory action and help to overcome the disease. "Hexicon" normalizes the vaginal flora and has virtually no contraindications. Often it is even prescribed to pregnant and lactating women.
"Gepatol" is a candle with regenerating, antiseptic and metabolic (improve the metabolic processes in skin cells) effect. They also have virtually no contraindications, except individual intolerance to certain ingredients of the drug. If after using "Depantol" you will feel itching or burning in the vagina, he probably doesn't fit you. It is also worth noting that during treatment these candles, do not use cosmetic soap.
If you choose a high-quality modern medicine is capable of overcoming the erosion, you may be the spark "Helenopolis". They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial effect on the female body. The composition includes eucalyptus oil.
Quite often gynecologists prescribe to their patients candles "Fitor". They have antibacterial, analgesic and immunomodulatory properties, normalizes blood circulation and hematopoiesis. These candles reduce inflammation and treat cervical erosion.
An excellent tool for the treatment of erosion are sea buckthorn candles. Sea buckthorn helps restore microflora, disinfects and covers the epithelium, the foci of erosion. These candles can be bought at a pharmacy or make your own. The positive results from their use, the doctor may notice in 5-6 days.
Pharmacies is a wide selection of candles from cervical erosion. But not every drug can be suitable for you. Some candles are not going to have any positive impact, so it is important to first consult with your doctor. Only he can prescribe a safe and effective drug.