Terms of pregnancy is completely individual, as hormonal balance, affecting libido. Therefore, it is difficult to predict in advance what the interest in sex will be a woman during pregnancy. Experts note some significant increase in libido, despite the weight gain, morning sickness and other inconveniences that accompany pregnancy. Others begin to fear sex, to reject the partner. The intimate act is accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations.
One of the factors that affect your libido - increase blood volume in the pelvis and directly to the genitals. Such a change women perceive in different ways. Some enjoy it, as does the sensation during intercourse, spicier, and other pregnant women complain of pain during sex and lack of orgasm.
With the onset of pregnancy and changes the status of the breast. Nipples become more sensitive. Affection, that you have allowed yourself so far, can now cause discomfort. Many women say that engorgement and soreness in the breast, and one careless movement of a partner can completely kill the mood for intimate act.
Pregnancy is accompanied by many natural ailments. It may be an early toxemia, constant fatigue and dizziness, constipation, drowsiness and headaches. With a sharp decrease in libido in the first trimester of pregnancy should not panic. Maybe this is temporary - once in the second trimester the state stabiliziruemost, interest in sex may increase again.
Libido depends on a psychoemotional condition of the woman. Pregnancy and hormonal changes add to the nervousness, irritability, and often provoke a change of mood. Some women experience fears related to the possibility to harm the baby during intercourse. If the health of the pregnant woman allows, she should not refuse sex. But the experience of friends often becomes the cause of negative attitude to intimacy with a partner and it depresses the libido of a pregnant woman. Again, changing the body does not always lead a woman to delight. Some start to feel the shame of the sexual partner and to be ashamed of his own body, which is clearly not conducive to success in the sexual life of a woman. Others, though in the minority, we are optimistic about the development and outcome of her pregnancy, carrying a child happy and trying to enjoy life. If the emotional attitude of women is correct, then for her the sex is still great fun, though, because in the absence of contraindications don't need to worry about contraception.