The exact causes of these unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy is still unknown. The most common theory relates the toxicity to hormonal changes and other "storms" that occur in early pregnancy, when a woman's body adapts to the new level of performance. The main "culprit" of toxicity is considered to be human chorionic gonadotropin - hormone begins to produce from the time of fertilization and is constantly increasing up to 12 weeks.
Signs of toxicity in varying degrees experience 8 out of 10 women, however, there are those who are lucky and they manage to avoid such problems. This in most cases is not a symptom of the problems of pregnancy and is considered a normal variant. The absence of nausea in the first trimester can be attributed to several reasons.
Perhaps the body initially adapts very easily to all the changes taking place with him. Such women rarely experience other health problems: do not respond to changes in atmospheric pressure do not suffer from allergic reactions, can easily tolerate a change of time zones and stuff. The body, possessing a high ability to preserve homeostasis, the result is non-responsive degradation in the presence of the fetus and hormonal changes.
Another reason can be a good appetite and attentive to our needs pregnant. It has been noticed that women usually feel sick on an empty stomach, so morning sickness is sometimes called "morning sickness" (though not entirely accurate, but reflects the main point: the break between the morning and evening meal). If the woman uses a moderate amount of food, considering their wishes, the nausea usually passes.
There is also an opinion that morning sickness is a sign of slagging of the body. That is, when the observance of a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, limiting fatty and poor quality food in the diet before pregnancy significantly reduced the likelihood of manifestations of symptoms. Since, under this assumption, the nausea, the way of self-purification of the organism from toxic substances, akin to getting rid of the poisoned food from the stomach by vomiting.
Another reason for the lack of morning sickness during pregnancy is not so harmless. Morning sickness may not be abnormalities in early pregnancy and missed abortion. So do not delay with the visit to the doctor, better to do it immediately after the suspect. Making sure the pregnancy goes well, this reason can be safely deleted and rejoice that you have become one of the few lucky ones who managed to avoid toxicity.