The simplest and most familiar explanation of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes – lack of sleep, chronic stress and fatigue. Pale tired skin become more visible blood vessels that give it a bluish tinge.
Dark circles may be caused by dehydration. If a man drinks enough clean water, limited to a few cups of coffee during the day, the body lacks fluids, the skin under the lower eyelids thin, the eyes appear more deep-set, beneath them appear the shadows. The person thus often becomes painful. Also, the cause may be chronic intoxication, in particular alcohol consumption and Smoking.
Age-related changes of the skin also can cause the formation of circles under the eyes. Over time the skin around the eyes becomes less elastic and fat layer under it is thinner, there are small wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
If the small blood vessels close to the skin surface, they may give it a bluish tinge. This feature of the skin is transmitted, as a rule, inherited dark circles under his eyes, noticeable even in childhood, may have several generations of men in the family.
The metabolic disorders accompanying some of pathologic processes in the body are often the cause of the formation of circles under the eyes. The color of circles you can draw conclusions about the disease that has caused their appearance. So, yellowish shadows under the eyes – a symptom of diseases of the liver and gallbladder, brown is a symptom of pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Pink hue circles are becoming in diseases of the prostate. Swelling and bluish or purple color is a signal of malfunctions in the kidneys, and the intense dark hue, the more serious the illness. In most cases, dark circles – not the only symptom of the disease, there can also be skin changes, worsening health, pain.
Common cause of the appearance of dark circles under eyes for men vasodilation in chronic sinusitis. But the anemia (reduction of hemoglobin in the blood) in men rarely lead to an external change – the representatives of the stronger sex suffer from a lack of iron less than women.
In addition, the "bruises" under eyes men may appear high blood pressure, Allergy, some thyroid diseases, severe eye fatigue (e.g., long work behind the computer), and if rapid weight loss.