You will need
  • program Bingo Scanner;
  • - administrator rights.
Download it to the computer a small program Bingo Scanner and install it in local disk operating system. Can find on the website Typically, this software is best to install in a system local drive of the computer that is in the directory where the operating system resides. This program is an editor of the Windows operating system. The utility builds a hierarchy of all Windows systems for easy management and modifications.
Run Bingo Scanner with the start of the file. The main window of the program is quite full of various icons, controls, interface settings. To learn the meaning of the icon, hover over picture with your mouse pointer.
Look through settings of "executable file Name" or "Text window" the Windows system, the name of which you would like to change. For example, set the "Text window" program name "Explorer". Specify a name for the window using the appropriate button, e.g. "Susanin".
Configure other settings: "window transparency", "size", "buttons window." Make the window active program and install on top of other Windows using the control buttons. You can choose the button layout at its own discretion.
It is also worth noting that this software can not run a PC without administrator rights. Changes are made not only in the external program settings, the name of which varies. The new names also change system files, and therefore need administrator rights to perform such operations on the computer.