To determine the condition of the vessels of the lower extremities, apply ultrasound examination, which can show blood vessels in the form of graphics. The ability of ultrasonic waves to visualize the movement pattern of blood corpuscles allows you to make analysis of the properties of blood flow. These actions are called Doppler ultrasound or Doppler.

Kinds of ultrasound of vessels of lower extremities

Two-dimensional Doppler ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound referred to, does not use to date former popularity because of the development of more advanced methods of ultrasonography of the legs. With this examination it is possible to assess the patency of veins and the condition of the valves.

Duplex angioscanning, abbreviated as USDS or FADED, traditionally a standard survey, allowing you to make the correct diagnosis and start treatment. With this method of survey is to know the condition of blood vessels, the permeability of the veins and the level of destruction of venous valves, the presence of blood clots, as well as to find out why I had a relapse of varicose veins in the postoperative period.

Triplex ultrasound of the blood vessels and veins located in the lower extremities, allows you to see three-dimensional color image. This method is considered better at this stage for those people who have problems with the veins and arteries in the legs. Very useful when planning operations, as it helps to understand what can occur with postoperative recurrence or complication.

Where to go for ultrasound of lower extremities vessels

All of the above methods of ultrasound examinations can be done in any phlebological center or in clinics with the Department of vascular surgery. If you have any suspicions that you need to conduct ultrasound of the legs that go first not the surgeon or the therapist, and to the doctor-phlebologist.

After visual inspection, a doctor will be able to tell, so whether you need to go to the U.S., because in many cases the purpose of treatment or prevention of diseases of the lower limbs is quite usual inspection.

When vascular surgeon prescribes you an ultrasound, you should not focus on phlebology centers, in which the price of such services is very high, more expensive does not mean better. It is important to get on ultrasonography by an experienced vascular surgeon or phlebologist.

After conducting a complete diagnosis with Doppler ultrasound of the vessels will be able to identify the degree of damage of lower extremities vessels and appoint conservative or operative treatment.