Help bracelets for nausea pregnant?

Many pregnant women during the first, second, and sometimes third trimester suffer from severe toxemia and looking for different ways to deactivate this disease. Pills to drink is not always safe, so the aid of wristbands for the nausea. Clinical trials and scientific studies have proven that bangles affect biological receptors, blunting mechanisms of nausea. Bracelets use point pressure on the inside of your wrist. No matter whether it is electrical stimulation, or vibrating, due to the pressure they exert influence on certain points. Receptors receive signals, and nausea during pregnancy, due to the stimulation of passes.

Since ancient times in Chinese medicine has existed in which direction through pressure on specific points on the body removed pain symptoms or unpleasant physiological sensations. On the wrist are the nerves of the plexus, and when this massage places the body as it calms down for a while, disabling the protective mechanisms to which nausea during pregnancy and belongs. These mechanisms are very important for women, they protect the fetus from toxins, viruses and bacteria, but sometimes bring the lady terrible suffering. So these bracelets work and help. There is only one important condition: wearing the right accessory is very important for its normal operation.

Proper placement of the bracelet

Bracelets for nausea are designed to carry the little plastic part on the inner side of the wrist between the two tendons. They usually include instructions necessary to ensure that pregnant women have the right to choose the location of the point. After all, this depends on the level of assistance these products for nausea.

To find the right place, you should place the left forearm in front of face, palm up. Different manufacturers offer different instructions for use. Place the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand on the inner side of the left wrist. The ring finger should be opposite the bend of the wrist. Place just below the index finger is a pressure point. Place the bracelet on the arm and adjust so that its plastic part was between the two tendons. If you did everything correctly, in periods of sickness during pregnancy, this bracelet will stimulate the point, and discomfort will be much faster. Periodically you need to check the bracelet to see that it does not slide off. It is better to use it during those periods of time when the hands are not particularly tense. It can be a trip in the transport, reading a book or watching a good movie.

As practice shows, many pregnant women use the bracelet, as it is less harmful than chemical drugs against nausea, and has no side effects. And of course, because it is beneficial. If nausea happen to you very often and bring you extremely unpleasant or even painful sensations, be sure to tell us about your problem the doctor.